We look forward to share our knowledge with you.  We can provide with all the necessary analysis and research prior the launch of your campaign. This helps in obtaining a plan based on facts, not just creativity or futile ideas.

Being innovative in today’s world is the key to success, not only in the creation and growth of your business but also in how you communicate.Innovation has to be strategic and not simply creative. Knowing your client and who the customer you are targeting is the basis of innovative ideas.

Our services are directed to provide innovative and creative ideas to our clients. Whether online or offline, design or animations, creating concepts and events.

The art of effective communication and increasing sales in a cost effective manner is our forte. The success of your company primarily depends on the image it creates. Whether yours is a renowned international company or a business that started up recently, we can offer you the best solutions in a specific time frame. We help you bring out the story your business has to tell and wrap it up to deliver optimum and timely results.

We plan, execute and deliver.


Business Development

We provide representation solutions to our discerned clientele. Our services include the introduction of your business, company or ideas to your prospective client, representation in fairs and exhibitions both local and international.

We work hand in hand with you to establish your target audience and we will be at the front line, ensuring to deliver an optimum impression for your business.

Research , surveys and SWOT

We know how to tackle your ideas from different angles. We know how to gather the right information and we know how to utilise all the information to your benefits.

We like to help our clients genuinely and we can guarantee this by providing strategies based on research , realistic figures or budgets.

Market Research

When thinking of a new business idea you may wish to do enough research and studies. Financial studies and forecasting are one part of this exercise, however a thorough market research will lower the risk of your business closing down , or better will help you drive your business idea to a successful one. Here at MYC , we can provide you market research for all type of businesses. We will help you study the market in the best way possible providing detailed results which will surely help you finalize your business plan.
Never rush when making a business decision, consult first. We’re here to help.

Media bookings

Once we have gone through your rebranding process, or perhaps the design concept of your next event, offer or launch of service, we can handle your advertising campaign. We negotiate the best prices possible on the best media available. Our media partners hail from different areas, from publications to Local TV and radio stations.

We ensure a cost-effective and successful marketing campaign.

Campaign and brand management

We are trusted regularly  with the strategy, conceptualising and  management of campaigns and events. Our skilled team can lift you off all the responsibilities of what will be the most successfully exposed campaign, be it online, print, design, social engaging, audio and visual requirements, or the printing and installation of all signage required during the event.

You can put your mind at rest knowing that you are relying on an experienced service provider.