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Ravindu Darbarera.

Web Developer

Ravindu is a Web Developer at MYC. An integral part of his role is the creation of bespoke websites that conform to the best user experience and interface principles. MYC creates numerous websites for clients on a regular basis and it is Ravindu’s responsibility to ensure that these meet the necessary expectations and standards of quality and reliability. This is achieved through proper design, coding and the understanding of excellent website layouts. Together with his web development duties, Ravindu is responsible for handling day-to-day IT issues that may arise. Accompanying his web development credentials, Ravindu also specialises in Google and Facebook advertising.

Ravindu is from Sri Lanka, having moved to Malta back in 2019 to complete his studies. He joined MYC soon after in 2020. Throughout his time at MYC, Ravindu feels that he has developed as a professional, improving his communication skills and abilities to understand client requirements.