The relationship between sales and marketing is very similar to other relationships where, two departments share one target, yet sales and marketing are complete different from each other. A target can never be reached unless both, the sales department and the marketing department are fully functional and work hand in hand.
MYC is one of the few service providers which can offer sales related services which will aid alongside a successful marketing campaign.
MYC houses it’s own digital sales team. To be more specific, we do not only promote your brand or product, we also ensure that your product is visible wherever you need it to be: Locally and internationally. Your products will be present on EBay, Amazon and our own online shopping site. This is how we assist you with your online selling.
If you wish to design and build your own e commerce store, MYC can provide you with a fully fletched E-commerce setup as well. We will discuss and consult you on the best back end systems and online payment solutions possible.
You may wish to test your product before investing in your own e commerce or perhaps your dropshipping store. We have the ability to provide you with our own E commerce setup and assist you with the branding and promotion of your business. Once you are satisfied with the outcome of your business plan, We will also help you to develop your business online.
We invite you to contact us and make use of our services: Fill up this form, and let us do the work for you!