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We have worked for several years closely to RMF to understand their services to deliver the best campaigns. We have designed advertising for their personal membership, their very efficient European Breakdown Services and road safety when travelling. We have prepared advertising for them using some of their old adverts, going back 20-30 years. Some were aired on television and were combined with new footage that was filmed during their operation to portray how the company changed over time. 

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Digital Marketing

MYC has been assisting RMF since 2016. MYC takes care of anything in relation to digital marketing for RMF. This includes managing their social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, together with Google Advertising.

We take pride in creating and designing RMF’s European Breakdown services campaigns year after year, as well as educating drivers to be extra careful when behind the wheel as part of RMF’s yearly branding campaigns.


MYC designs artworks for the printing of flyers, stationery and other collateral, as well as advertising material for magazines. As RMF’s marketing partner, MYC has designed various flyers for promotion as well as adverts for local publications.

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Back in 2017, RMF celebrated its 30th anniversary and we were quite pleased to film the team at work, both in the office and on the streets. The process and dedication the staff at RMF adopt in order to take good care of your vehicle and deliver it to the next safe place, is well explained in this video with a final message: Yours truly RMF!

We worked for years closely with RMF to understand the services in order to deliver the best campaigns. We designed advertising for the personal membership, the very efficient European Breakdown Services and road safety when travelling.