Porto Logo
Porto Mockup


The digital campaign for Porto focused on one of their best-selling brands, BRIC’S MILANO, and a new brand that offers high quality slim wallets. We prepared the images following the brand guidelines but kept everything fresh for the Porto Facebook page. We collected the images and started working on the advertising material for the wallets. For the luxury handbags and luggage, we had available material that was supplied by BRIC’S and followed the guidelines so that we can maintain an overall sense of continuity. 

Porto is a well-established retail shop with its main store situated within the Hilton Hotel, one of the most well-known resorts on the island. Porto offers a large variety of popular and established brands of luxury handbags and accessories. They opened a new store in Qawra and we worked with them on promoting the shops, their high-quality brands and the new locations on social media.