Limestone Heritage and MYC partnered up back in 2015. Together we discussed the most important brand requirements prior to executing the marketing campaign. MYC was involved in the development of a new website for Limestone Heritage. Today, the company has a unique website which illustrates the heritage of Malta, whilst showcasing its prowess as a bespoke wedding venue. The Limestone Heritage, or better the Waterfall Gardens in Malta is one of the most popular wedding venues for both local and foreign weddings alike. How many wedding venues boast VIP invites such as Jessie J?

A mobile friendly website packed with information and a booking section was designed and maintained by MYC.


MYC also assisted the Limestone Heritage with its digital marketing strategy. This consisted of YouTube, Google Search and Display, Facebook and Instagram content creation and advertising, targeting Malta and the United Kingdom. A massive campaign which had started back in 2016 and is still ongoing, has achieved remarkable success that the Limestone Heritage still benefits from till today.

Many campaigns were coordinated for Limestone, focusing mainly on the attractions and events that they organise throughout the year for both local and international clients, like the traditional Maltese Folklore Nights, where people can experience the true Maltese spirit. We have also prepared campaigns for the Waterfall Gardens, particularly for weddings. Real pictures from actual weddings which took place at the Waterfall Gardens were used for adverts on magazines and large format printing.



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