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Dimech Apertures is an established company, operating in the apertures industry. We were entrusted with the rebranding process and production of a new look.

A new mobile friendly website was designed and developed to present all services offered by Dimech Apertures in the most straightforward manner. The website is easy to use, with a good showcase of what products Dimech Apertures can manufacture.

Magazine ads, stationery, t-shirts, long sleeve tops and more items were printed using the new branding and guidelines.

One of the tasks assigned by Dimech Apertures to MYC was the creation of a video to promote the work undertaken and premises. In a short audiovisual production, MYC captured the professional workmanship synonymous with Dimech Apertures and its top-notch premises where quality products are created. The video adopts a simplistic approach, emphasising on the premises and the products offered in a straightforward and engaging way, with catchy footage and music.

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Dimech Apertures


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