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The concept of this business, emerged from the Covid 19 pandemic which took the world by a storm and surprise. Businesses in the UK, especially in the catering industry have faced a drastic slowdown, with turnover of business plummeting to new lows.

Many restaurants in the UK need consulting in management, menu creation and design, together with the relaunch of the restaurants and their menu concepts. This situation, in a normal business environment, could be taken care of by experienced inhouse management staff, however, in the insecure situation that the Covid 19 pandemic has put everyone in, the obvious solution was to outsource consulting and management of business strategies.

We were approached by catering consultants from the UK, who saw the need to offer assistance to the catering industry in this regard.

MYC has proudly designed several concepts and discussed them with the client. The target was to portray an experienced and reliable consulting firm yet affordable. This was followed with the printing of the stationery designed.


Catering Partners


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