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Alena Collinson works as a psychologist and approached MYC for a new website to enhance her online presence. Adopting a fresh theme, the website consists of several visuals with an inbuilt e-commerce capability, so that clients may book training sessions and consultations.

One of the key aspects that customers look for when seeking the services of a psychologist is the immediate availability and flexibility. To reflect this in the website design, the name of Alena Collinson has the green online symbol feature integrated within it, to communicate the message that she is available to reach out to. This can be seen immediately on the top of the homepage.

Psychology and counselling are very personal services. In this regard, a friendly and personal message needs to be communicated. Having also been engaged with the photography, profile pictures of Alena feature throughout the website. Through this approach, potential clients can immediately associate a face of friendliness with the brand name and would therefore be more encouraged to reach out.


Alena Collinson


Photography, Web