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If you get to know the owners and staff behind Piscopo’s Cash and Carry, you will travel to St. Paul’s Bay every day for your daily needs!

The client required assistance with digital advertising, specifically to promote its Christmas hampers for the festive season. We shot photography, filmed and designed the online marketing concept and campaign. Thereafter, our relationship with the client grew and this led Piscopo’s Cash & Carry, to entrust MYC with further projects.


MYC was contracted to capture Piscopo’s Cash & Carry’s various aspects, products and activities, such as launches and the general feel of the supermarket. The multiple outputs were utilised for digital marketing purposes.

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Onsite measurements in Malta and Gozo, designing and consulting the best solution for your shop office or showroom facade is our forte. We enjoyed discussing and designing the new facade design for Piscopo’s Cash & Carry. The complicated and enormous dimensions of this project made things very exciting for our team and we are pleased to say that the results speak for themselves.


Facebook and YouTube are important media channels that should not be left aside in this constantly evolving digital world. The adverts have been used to brand Piscopo’s Cash & Carry during the summer of 2018. Have you seen the advert? Here you go, click on  THIS LINK


Like most of our clients, Piscopo’s Cash & Carry required a variety of different services which included the design of the facade and the creation of the social media marketing strategy. We have prepared different videos starting from scratch, which included filming on location, writing the script and delivering the voiceover. Most of the social media then focused on specific offers and promoting the brands that they have available at the store. There has always been a focus on delivering different artworks and concepts, which kept the creative aspect ongoing.