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It was indeed a pleasure to sit with Mr Camilleri and go through the company’s history, dating back to the 1800’s. PCS needed to refresh their image and keep up to date with the times, yet maintain a classic look.

We started off by creating logo samples, followed by the printing of all stationery required.

PCS branding
PCS print


MYC designs and prints all stationery for your business needs, and this is what we did for Peter Camilleri. We created business cards, corporate folders, envelopes, A2 notepads and more.

Web Development

The design of a mobile friendly website was not an easy task. A number of sections and categories needed to be communicated thoroughly. With that said, we managed to meet our client’s expectations and provide enough information to drive viewers to visit the shop in the heart of Marsa.

PCS web
PCS digital 1

Digital Marketing

MYC had launched the Facebook page for PCS back in 2013 and saw the page flourish with all the information, products, and presentations of the brands which PCS offers. Thousands of people have liked PCS’ Facebook page and benefitted from the campaigns we created. Nothing makes a consumer feel any better than getting all the information necessary prior to making a purchase. 

Designing the new logo of PCS was an exercise where we merged the family history into their corporate identity. It took us a few samples to find the right direction. The social media campaign focused on the quality of the brands available and the material supplied.