Strategy is by far the most important factor in having a successful business. Whatever your service or product, you need to establish your target audience , sales tools and communication strategies.

Our team of highly knowledgeable communication consultants will guide you through the planning of your job, helping you make the right choices to obtain a result that will exceed your expectations.


Our experienced web development team can provide you with all online solutions for your business.

We provide web design and web development according to the latest world’s standards:

Static (corporate) website development

Development of blog and web portals, E-commerce (online shops)

MYC assists both local and international clients in online strategies. We operate regularly in international campaigns promoting tourism and tourism activities, weddings and corporate events, recruiting and financial services in Malta, amongst others.

Adding a personal touch to your campaign or website, fulfills the project. We provide Photography and Audiovisuals.

The art of effective communications lies in the creation of the right concept at the right time.

A combination of the best printing partners and perfect graphic solutions gives us the opportunity to provide you a high-quality printing and with the lowest price.

Once we have gone through your rebranding process, or perhaps the design concepts of your next event, offer or launch of a service, we can handle your advertising campaign. We negotiate the best prices possible on leading media to ensure a cost-effective and successful marketing campaign.