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Digital Marketing

It was an absolute honor to help Framegrip gain brand exposure through digital marketing initiatives and strategy.

MYC has created both Facebook and Instagram pages for Framegrip and has ever since assisted with designs, branding and educational campaigns in relation to the services offered.


Most of Framegrip’s advertising material is the result of photo sessions coordinated by the team at MYC.



MYC has filmed, edited and uploaded a video as part of its YouTube and Instagram page launches. It was quite an engaging activity to film people at work. 

Printed Media

MYC helps its clients with the planning, budgeting and also the design and implementation of what needs to be executed in order to launch a successful campaign. MYC has designed all the advertising material which was then distributed through local magazines.


Printing of Collateral

MYC designs and prints stationery. We discuss paper quality, colour scheme and promotional use. We suggest designs, and on confirmation, we print and deliver.

It was a pleasure to work with Framegrip and study the process of their work being completed at the factory and turning that into one of the key elements of the most recent marketing campaign. After focusing on the products and the services provided, we opted to dedicate part of their campaign to the people working there and it resulted in one of the most interesting photoshoots that we had ever coordinated. Apart from the campaigns, we worked on new advertising for magazines, giving the brand a new life focusing on the bold colour and the quality of work.