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If you are after a bubbly spirit, a healthy atmosphere with a hint of naughty on your palate, Dical is your solution!

Be it Facebook advertising, Google Ads, health campaigns or Christmas hampers, there is a touch of MYC in everything you see.


MYC took responsibility of the photography for Dical’s different sections and rebranded products. All photography was taken on site, where MYC prepared all the necessary requirements, including props for a successful and interesting shoot. Since we started working with Dical, we have been setting up recurring photoshoots to capture images of the latest products available.

Dical photography

We tailor our design according to the new brand or the type of product we need to market, offering interesting solutions with every new event or campaign and more recently, it was particularly engaging to prepare artwork around the various liquors and items available. The renowned Italian wines, for example, required design that was particularly eye-catching, whilst keeping the layout sleek, modern and elegant.