If you want to launch a new business idea, you have to be able to communicate your new product or service through an intriguing visual experience. Crowdfunding, is a modern approach towards financing your business. Through crowdfunding, you may be able to raise money from a large number of people. This is usually done online.
There are a gazillion websites ready to help you promote your business through crowdfunding, but only a few can help you realize the product presentation which will gain your trust, resulting in substantial investments. Here at MYC, we specialize in understanding your business model and can help you, by creating the right Audiovisuals, Animations and Designs for your business ideas: We are your final step away from your crowdfunding experience.
Our material may be used for any specific scope:
  • Requesting financial help through crowdfunding
  • Presenting your Audiovisual experience to a future investor, be it private or a Bank
  • Promote your new business once it is launched
Get in touch with us today! We look forward to discussing your ideas and present them in the best way possible.