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Professionalism, timely delivery and impeccable service, are by far, some of the principles that both MYC and Comtec share. MYC assists Comtec with the ongoing digital presence, targeting Malta specifically. MYC provides Comtec with Facebook, Google Search and display advertising, PR services and photography to sustain the brand’s digital presence. 


MYC coordinated a photo-shoot of the Comtec team while at work. The photos were then used for advertising on online media channels such as Facebook and Google Display. 

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A video was filmed, edited and later uploaded on Facebook and YouTube, to promote Comtec.


An interview was held between MYC’s founder, Simon and Comtec’s General Manager, Joanie. The article touched on a sensitive subject, however, it could not be explained better!  Check out THIS LINK for more information.

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