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Web Development

The coolest of people provide cooling and heating solutions. MYC has discussed, consulted and designed a mobile-friendly website for Clima755: That was not all!

Digital Marketing

MYC helped Clima755 launch their popular brand Toyotomi back in 2018. We made use of Google Display, Google Search, Facebook and YouTube advertising, targeting locations in Malta, specific ages and interests. We had filmed the products, actors and launched fresh and effective campaigns.

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Clima755 Photoshoot


MYC provides professional photography and audio-visual services. One of our projects was to promote a new Toyotomi model in 2019. The photography was then used for a Facebook campaign, targeting a Malta-based audience.


A challenging, yet interesting task indeed was the filming of a naked fire flame, an ethanol fireplace behind a green screen. It was a complex task for our studio to create a pleasing and easy message.


We had to prepare different concepts for Clima755 campaigns. For the campaigns which revolved around specific Toyotomi products, we were inspired by the country where the brand originates, keeping the designs interesting to attract attention on social media, whilst promoting some of the most exclusive features provided.