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Web Development

MYC provides a fully-fledged marketing and communications service to its clients. MYC started offering its services to Bonds back in 2013, and the relationship has developed strongly ever since.

An image packed website was created. Click on this link to learn more:

MYC has designed and developed the website and managed a balance where the website is packed with images, yet it is still mobile friendly and easy to follow for users.

Digital Marketing

MYC has increased page likes, reach, and engagement for Bonds since the launch of the digital project. MYC designs and creates digital advertising campaigns for Bonds on Facebook, Google and also YouTube.  

Project Facebook
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MYC provides onsite or studio photography and audiovisual services. MYC takes care of all the photography necessary for the campaigns rendered, even for a showroom items sale. 


From the smooth animation of images to filming, voiceover and tunes, we have you covered! Bonds is a client that makes good use of our audiovisual services, especially since Facebook video advertising and Youtube advertising are becoming more prominent. One of our advertising campaigns for Bonds was also used for a local television campaign.

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Most of Bond’s design is related to the creation of marketing campaigns for the client’s social media platforms. We have prepared videos, animated images and took part in various big projects like the Euro 1,000 voucher giveaway campaign. One of the biggest challenges was to adapt the designs around the products, often creating artworks that matched the colour of the specific items without being too intrusive.