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YouTube Growth in Malta

In the local context, the popularity of YouTube has grown substantially. This is a trend which is consistent globally, as video content becomes all the more popular. As time progressed, it has been noted that viewers tend to engage with video content the most, exceeding text and photos. 

Businesses have become more aware about the importance of the creation of video content. In this regard, several companies are investing their efforts into creating engaging video content which is normally uploaded on their YouTube channels. 

Benefits also exist for individual content creators. We have grown accustomed to hearing more about those who create videos and monetise their YouTube channels. 

In this Blog article, we shall be discussing how you can use YouTube to your benefit, both if you are a company seeking to promote yourself, or an individual just aiming for some monetising traffic.

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Regular posting

Data shows that YouTube channel owners that post more than once a week perform better and get more recommended views. If possible, you should upload three to four YouTube videos per week. This is especially the case if you have just ventured into this and need to build a solid audience base. This requires a sustainable model of creating YouTube videos. You might have exceptional quality videos, however if these take several months to complete, your popularity is not likely to gain the required traction.

Showcase the hook first

People have little time and short attention spans. The benefits or key themes of interest need to be made evident from the offset. Such an example would be to show the end result of the video at the beginning. That way, your audience is hooked from the start.

Showcase the hook first

Include narratives

Good stories compel people. If possible, you should include some form of narrative in your video. That way you will appeal to their memories, and they are more likely to remember the content.

Keep it short

Steer away from long titles and openings. As discussed earlier, people have no time, and lengthy content from the offset will simply yield to them clicking on something else.

Promote your channel

When venturing into a video content strategy, you will need to factor in the budget to have the material promoted. One way this can be achieved is through Google Ads, having the content promoted as viewers are watching other videos on YouTube.Want to learn more about how you can grow your YouTube channel? Speak to MYC by sending an email on [email protected]

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