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Your Marketing Start-Up Pack

To launch marketing activities for a business which has never had much exposure in the past may be perceived as a daunting task. In this blog article, we shall be discussing the priorities for an organisation’s initial marketing activities.

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The starting point for a successful marketing presence is a user optimised and engaging website. This platform should serve as the showcase of a business, highlighting the background, services offered and underlying benefits. A website for today’s businesses needs to be optimised for different devices including mobile phones and should contain engaging content with a balance of videos, images and text. Depending on the industry and services provided, a business may also consider an inbuilt e-commerce functionality and a live chat to promote the concept of fast communication.

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To stand out in this competitive landscape, a business needs to have an identity. This would need to be developed by professionals and should include a logo, company brochure, product fact sheets (if applicable), brand guidelines and business cards for employees.

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Social media channels

In an age where consumers are constantly hooked on to the internet and social media, channels on these different platforms are a must for businesses. Not only is it important to have these channels up and running, but a calendar containing content should be planned to keep these relevant and engaging for followers and potential subscribers. Success on social media depends on the strategy and a budget allocation is most likely necessary. This budget allocation should be considered once a steady stream of content is planned.

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Audiovisual Content

Video is one of the most effective means to engage users today. For businesses that have just started to tap into marketing initiatives, a promotional video to introduce the organisation, service offering and the people behind it would be beneficial for the launch. Such videos may be uploaded on the company’s YouTube channel, website and promoted on social media channels.

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Pay per click campaigns

Once a website is launched, the business may wish to invest in attracting higher volumes of quality traffic. This may be achieved through pay per click campaigns, where both keyword and display adverts would be considered. The users that would engage with these adverts will typically be directed to the homepage or a specific page within the website. This strategy is one of the fastest ways to register significant volumes of website visitors.

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