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Working with an Experienced Marketing Firm

A business with experience on its side is likely to make greater inroads in the corporate world. In today’s competitive environment, there are several businesses that have paid the price of inexperience, being provided with a picture that turns sour over the long-term.

In this fast-paced business landscape, it is easy to end up trusting the wrong partners, following several promises of effective campaigns. Having ten years of experience in both local and international markets, MYC has developed a sound reputation with a focus on client satisfaction and the achievement of business objectives. We shall be discussing with Simon Attard, the Founder and CEO of MYC, the importance of working with an experienced firm.

Identifying patterns

MYC has worked with numerous clients, operating in various industries across the years. After a decade of building and sustaining such relationships, the agency is able to identify certain patterns and guides clients in the right direction towards success. MYC can also help businesses when the strategies adopted may need to be refined and tweaked.

Starting off on the right foot

Business leaders may steer away from marketing simply because of an experience that did not meet their expectations. Trusting competent people that are backed with years of experience will allow a business to start off on the right foot when it comes to marketing. There are several things that need to be catered for and which could potentially go wrong if you do not trust the right marketing partner. These failures can include selecting an inappropriate strategy, ineffective media and delays in timelines just to name a few. A reliable and experienced partner will also help with managing expectations. A business owner that might not be too familiar with the ins and outs of marketing, may expect things to change overnight. The reality is that although there are some shortcuts to gain quick wins, tangible results are achieved after effective and consistent efforts across a span of time.

Effective collaboration

A partnership with a marketing agency should be seen as a two-way street. An experienced agency that delivers value will do more than simply take the workload off a business’ shoulders. Whilst this is something that most agencies would be willing to do, through experience MYC realises that taking the time to collaborate and understand the business of clients during the initial stages is worth investing in. When looking at the relationship with clients in this manner, it allows for the development of long-term achievements, enabling mutually beneficial outcomes.

Productive communication

Communication takes place in various forms. Experience teaches how a team should communicate based on the context it is facing. Not all communication is productive and at times it can hinder efficiency. Communication must be tailored in a manner to achieve objectives effectively in the shortest timeframes. When working with partners that have experience, communication is structured, without the need of having to go back and forth. Marketing agencies with years of experience will also adapt their communication style based on the exigencies of clients. Some businesses prefer to work with a periodical summary email, whilst others would opt for weekly online meetings. The more open the lines of feedback are, the better to ensure that a quality product is consistently delivered.

Making the limitations clear from the offset

Marketing agencies with experience in the industry understand the benefit of making the perceived limitations clear from the very beginning. Failing to do so, it will come back to bite and any potential short-term gain will be undone following the test of time. A proper marketing agency goes beyond the aspect of communications and promotion, and analyses the product and its unique selling propositions, developing an effective go-to market strategy. The best marketing campaign combined with superior copy and compelling visuals cannot fix a below par product or service. In this context, a marketing agency with experience understands that the client’s investment is hard-earned and must immediately communicate the shortcomings. Once again, failing to do so will lead to a lose-lose situation. A product which is below the expectations of customers will lead to increased acquisition costs, making the campaign less worthwhile.

Long-term approach

Business sustainability revolves around the long-term. A marketing partner holding years of experience in delivering quality solutions would seek to develop a long-term relationship, with a consistent thrive to provide value. Marketing agencies that have been in the game for years understand that delivering value and keeping clients happy for the long-term will ultimately benefit them.

Business owners and leaders may find that establishing the right marketing partner could be a process of trial and error. What is important is finding an agency that cares for your business, with the right skill set and experience at its disposal. If you would like to learn more about how you can use MYC’s experience for the benefit of your business, send an email on [email protected] underlining what you would like to achieve from your marketing campaigns.

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