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Why traditional marketing is still relevant

In its most basic definition, traditional marketing refers to promotional activities that attempt to reach an audience offline. There are different channels of traditional marketing which include television, radio, print, direct mail and telemarketing. Although traditional marketing channels may not provide the analytics that digital platforms do, successful campaigns in the former still require significant time and creativity. Successful traditional marketing campaigns can still bring about substantial revenue streams that cannot be ignored.

Traditional marketing is still very relevant today and brings about opportunities to reach larger audiences in ways that digital channels cannot. Although digital marketing brings about several opportunities to the fore, there are numerous beneficial outcomes tied to traditional channels. In this blog article, we shall be discussing some of the benefits of traditional marketing which may be overlooked due to the digital platforms available today.

Connecting with a local audience

Traditional marketing plays a key role when it comes to targeting a local audience. There are different strategies how this can be achieved. Such examples include localised television adverts, billboards and printed collateral. Used in an effective manner, the business can establish itself within the community and build a solid and local customer base.

Marketing initiatives may be more long-term

Certain digital marketing initiatives require constant content to maintain relevance and engagement with users. In certain organisations, the creation of digital marketing content can be intensive, requiring hours on a daily basis. One example ties to social media posting which will require regular contributions, especially if videos are being planned. With traditional marketing initiatives such as television commercials and flyers, a business can maintain presence for a longer stretch of time with less effort. This means that less involvement from the marketing team would be required.

Traditional marketing promotes credibility

Although digital marketing can be used as a means to reach a large number of people in a more quantifiable manner, traditional channels present opportunities to create brand credibility. Traditional marketing can be used to make a business appear more dependable and established. One example is that printed advertisements on trustworthy sources such as solid newspapers would make the business appear more credible. This may be tied to the fact that traditional marketing is more correlated with bigger budgets.

Although the online sphere has evolved, traditional marketing still holds a role to play for corporates today. If you wish to learn more about using traditional marketing strategies for the benefit of your business, send an email to [email protected] to leverage such channels to your advantage.

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