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Why Marketing is becoming more difficult

Irrespective of whether you are managing a business through a brick-and-mortar establishment or completely digital, marketing is a necessity. Through it, businesses can increase brand awareness and visibility and it is a means to establish and grow a solid customer base.

Although certain principles remain valid till this very day, the sphere of marketing is becoming more difficult and complex. This is especially the case for those who are not specialists in the field. In this blog article, we shall be discussing some of the reasons related to marketing’s increasing challenges.

Establishing targets

One of the difficulties associated with marketing is how much time and money would need to be invested to achieve specific objectives. If a business did not undertake any marketing campaigns, this would be more difficult to establish, due to no past experiences and key learnings. As marketing becomes embroiled with more technicalities, it has increased in complexity and the time consumption required. Establishing objectives and predicting future performance has become more difficult and requires significant testing and a learning curve.

The competition

As time progresses, more competitors enter the fray. With established and new competitors, it can be quite difficult to stand out. When discussing a proper marketing strategy, it needs to be understood in the context of the competition, now more than ever since most industries operate in crowded environments.

changing consumer trends

Changing consumer trends

Another difficulty associated with marketing is the fact that consumer behaviour and preferences are constantly changing. Customers have become more demanding and question the product features and benefits beyond the cool taglines and catchy visuals. Apart from products that are beneficial and serve their needs, they also expect more from marketing initiatives. Today’s customers are not swayed by cheap sales tactics and seek an interesting narrative, which is more likely to convince them.

Marketing technology and platforms

Technology and platforms

Marketing technology and platforms have become more complex. In a bid to create more opportunities for marketers to reach consumers, platforms and technology have become less straightforward, making it difficult for those who are not actively involved in the sphere. The use of platforms and marketing technology also comes with its own learning curve, emphasising the need for commitment to adapt and at times make mistakes. The different technologies and marketing channels also come with their important data metrics which are aimed to serve as guidance, indicating if the strategy is working or not. With the vast amounts of data available, it can be quite easy to focus on the wrong information, misinterpret statistics and come up with inaccurate conclusions.

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