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What is more important? A company website or Social media platforms?

Numerous debates take place as to whether one should focus efforts on websites or other digital platforms. This discussion is quite common in businesses and marketing teams alike. The questions which underpin this discussion revolve around which type of investment would generate more leads and provide the greatest return on investment. Whilst no channel should be overlooked or ignored, in this article we shall be discussing why a website is equally important, if not more than other digital platforms.

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Easily found on search engines

When people are seeking for specific services, they tend to “Google” them online. Having a well-optimised website allows your business to compete in the search rankings and make your business appear more credible. Not having a website solely because you have a Facebook page may lead to a loss of visits simply because it might not feature as prominently in search rankings.


Businesses that own websites are automatically given a higher perception of credibility rather than those which just have a social media digital channel. Most serious businesses tend to have websites and as time progresses, more are understanding the importance of having a well-designed one to give out the right impression to visitors.

Detailed information

Websites give businesses the opportunity to share detailed information about their undertaking. Such can include an exhaustive list and descriptions of the services provided and the related benefits. Business may also opt to share information about their shareholding structure, ownership, key personnel and latest news. Having these communicated in a structured fashion can mostly be achieved through a website rather than just social media channels.

Creation of compelling landing pages

Whilst you may indeed create search and display campaigns which lead to your Facebook page, having a website allows you to have visitors landing on well-designed and optimised pages geared for conversions, leads and sales.

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More data

Having a website set up allows you to gather more data about your audience, including demographics and interests. This may reveal key information which influences decisions for improved sales and brand awareness.

If your business does not have a website or holds an outdated one, you are already late in keeping up with the competition. Speak to MYC by sending an email on [email protected] to get your digital presence up to speed.

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