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Website Design Trends for 2023

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Website design follows suit and as time progresses, so do the trends in this sphere. Websites that make a mark are both functional and visually pleasing. The world of website design is constantly evolving and it is necessary that both organisations and marketing specialists remain abreast of the latest developments. Investing in the latest trends of website design can help in creating a more memorable experience for users and improve conversions. In this blog article, we shall be discussing some website design trends expected for 2023.


One latest trend is that of integrating motion in some way or another. Design elements within websites that are lively, create a more engaging experience for users. They increase interest and can be incorporated in different ways, hence the options are endless. The introduction of motion as users navigate, gives the website a modern and fun feel.

Scrolling effects

One example how to introduce such effects is when users are scrolling up and down. One idea could be to have the images changing in size or shape as users are scrolling. Text styles and colours can also change to keep the website feel alive. It is important to keep such changes subtle, as overdoing it might make the website feel cluttered. 

Animated illustrations

Another design element which has really caught on is that of animated illustrations. These can be implemented to intrigue users as they navigate through the website. Such examples include that when one moves the cursor over an image, an animation would be activated. This makes the respective page of the website more dynamic, delivering an improved experience. 

Dynamic homepage footage

To promote better user interface, some websites adopt dynamic footage rather than static images once users land on their homepage. This dynamic footage is typically set in loop mode, making the platform more interesting rather than being greeted with static images that might be too plain.

Cursor creativity

One way to make a website feel different than the rest is by customising cursors. As users move the cursor around the screen they can do so with a nice design, through an object which may also change its colour when clicking on the different content. 


Video has become one of the most engaging types of content. Considering that users tend to interact with video more than other forms of content such as static images and text, website owners should definitely explore options to include more. 

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