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Understanding digital marketing and how it can grow your business

The emergence of modern technology has allowed businesses and organisations to tap into different markets and opportunities, irrespective of how small or large they are. The wide array of digital marketing options available out there enable businesses to engage with their target audience more effectively and keep up with market changes as they transpire. 

Identifying how to effectively leverage digital marketing tools to the benefit of a business can spur growth. In this interview article, we discuss with Philippe Pache, Business Development Consultant at MYC, how digital marketing can drive growth.

Cost effectiveness

Digital marketing remains more cost effective when compared to other traditional channels. There was a time where marketing could only be done through traditional media and was mainly accessible to larger organisations that had the pocket for it. The development of new digital marketing trends has allowed smaller businesses to enter the fray and make their mark on the market. In this respect, digital marketing has proven time and again that it can deliver an enticing return on investment.

Part of the cost effectiveness associated with digital marketing is tied to the analytical metrics that the different platforms provide. Even companies with small budgets can benefit from these metrics and come up with insights to understand how to better invest. This is one of the key differentiators that make digital channels more cost friendly rather than traditional marketing. Tools such as Google Analytics help businesses to track the performance of their digital marketing campaigns and analyse expenditure accordingly.

Enhanced revenues

Research finds that companies which have adopted digital marketing strategies successfully improved their revenues and had to employ more people.

Brand building

Together with the conversion opportunities that digital marketing brings about, it enables businesses to increase brand awareness. Both small and larger businesses have opportunities to build brand credibility through digital marketing channels. This can be achieved via engaging marketing collateral including videos, animations, visuals, text and influencers acting as endorsers to promote the brand.

Better rankings

A lot of consumers have shifted their preferences towards online shopping. By achieving certain authority on search engines and also through paid advertising, businesses can compete for the top positions and rank higher, maximising exposure. Failing to be prominent on search rankings leads to losing out on new and loyal customers. Through keyword advertising, niche businesses can target those consumers that are actually interested in the products offered, rather than adopting a mass market approach which yields to unnecessary expenditure. By understanding the online customer journey, businesses can enable a better experience, driving more conversions.This can be done by deeply analysing the steps involved when interacting with a website or online platform and making the products as visible and accessible as possible through the different touch points.

Social media and lead generation

Social media plays an important role for businesses today. Being such a prominent aspect in the lives of many, organisations cannot simply ignore its benefits. Utilising the right social media strategies can enable lead generation and potentially new customers. Together with the acquisition benefits, social media can also be used to keep in touch with the existing follower base, enabling engagement and customer loyalty. Social media allows businesses to keep track of customer and follower sentiment, enabling organisations to understand behaviours and tailor their strategies for growth. Such behaviour and preferences trends can be better understood through the engagement such as Likes, Comments and Shares. The knowledge gathered helps businesses to create content that is more engaging to drive growth. This is after all what makes a business a winner on social media. Engaging content helps businesses to distinguish themselves, not simply being a “me too brand” and updating their social media just for the sake of posting.

Social media enables business growth through high quality content. Without it, prospects and customers will be less engaged and would find the products and services offered lacking interest. Any form of marketing thrives through the generation of quality content that viewers find enticing and engaging. 

Finding the right digital marketing formula can enable sustainable growth for businesses. To learn more about how digital marketing can be used for growth, get in touch with Philippe and the team by sending an email on [email protected]_administrator

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