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TikTok as your next marketing tool

Young audiences today engage mostly with video content. Users in this category are more likely to trust reviews, recommendations and tips by independent sources rather than advertising by companies. Businesses that would like to take a step forward in enhancing their digital presence could benefit by exploring the options that TikTok offers. In this blog article, we shall be discussing ways how to leverage TikTok for the benefit of your business.

As organisations, it is naturally the intention to gain as much exposure as possible. Businesses need to have their content feature when users search a particular keyword or hashtag. Considering that TikTok is the up-and-coming social media platform, it is quite understandable that marketing specialists will increase their efforts and investment in this respect. Being one of the first brands to actually establish itself on TikTok might put the business in a favourable position in terms of engagement. 

To serve users with content that is relevant to them and which creates interest, the algorithm considers a number of factors. These include the accounts that users engage with and settings such as location and language.

When publishing a video on TikTok, it is important to include as much information as possible. Such can be communicated through both keywords and hashtags, in a bid to attract users who may be potentially interested in the product or service. 

A necessary component which will drive exposure is user interaction. Videos that are engaged with well will pass on the right message to the algorithm that it is good content. It works in a way where the more engagement a video generates, the more it will be shown to different users. Important metrics include Likes, Comments, Shares, full video completions and multiple watches. 

One necessary aspect of best practice TikTok marketing is tied to keywords. Text which is placed within the video itself ranks better and is more likely to feature for the specific keywords chosen when users search for those terms. The keywords that you want your video to feature for should also be placed in the description.

In terms of video direction, TikTok adopts a different approach than the usual standard adverts that we may be accustomed to. TikTok’s popularity is driven by its relevant and engaging videos which share tips and hacks that interest users. This is definitely an approach that should be adopted by businesses that want to make a mark on this social media platform.

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