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The Rise of Content Writing

Long gone are the days where businesses would bombard consumers with adverts and sales would follow. In today’s business environment, organisations are aware that they need to inspire potential customers with content, rather than forcing ads down their throats.

Consumers are overwhelmed with the amount of adverts they see on a daily basis, which is why they selectively ignore the majority of them. Successful marketing requires the creation of content which viewers want to read and see. In this Blog article, we shall discuss how content writing can be leveraged for your marketing activities.

Content writing as the driver of digital marketing

Content writing as the driver of digital marketing

Most marketing campaigns have transitioned to digital channels. Digital marketing initiatives require no small amount of content writing efforts. Launching a keyword pay per click campaign? You have a few words to place in the advert itself to capture your audience and increase clicks. The right choice of words is paramount in attracting attention. In order to test which type of content works best, most marketing specialists conduct A/B testing, which would include different content within various ads, to determine which style would be most successful and engaging.

When it comes to pay per click campaigns, content writing also features in the landing page. This is a critical part of the process, where following the click, the user might opt to view the content or else close the window. Having users close the window means that your business paid for the click, yet there is no engagement nor subsequent conversion. This illustrates the importance of effective content writing that captures the audience.

The same would apply for social media marketing. Think of your Facebook or LinkedIn post. You will notice that quirky headlines engage the different audiences active on such networks.

Content writing as a gateway to your brand

Content writing is an essential tool for potential customers to uncover information about a brand. Effective content writing describes the business in a compelling manner, introducing the benefits of its products and services, enticing users to make or consider purchases. Such a tool can also feature to keep your audience updated with developments surrounding the brand. Have good news to share? Better get cracking on your news section so that more people get to know!

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