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The Key Elements of Branding

Branding is an essential component in developing the identity of a business or organization. It is a key influencer in how the target market perceives the brand and interacts with it. Ensuring that it is given the right priority from the early days leads to cost effectiveness, as it spares the business additional changes in the future. In this article, our Senior Graphic Designer Nicola Mancuso, discusses the key elements and important tips of branding. Keeping Nicola’s tips in mind will allow your business to showcase itself at its best from day one, so read on.

Keep it timeless

Starting off, the initial marketing deliverables are make or break. These most definitely include the logo, business cards and website to name a few. Choosing the style for let’s say the logo can feel overwhelming, and you might be tempted to go for an ultra-modern and less conventional design. Whilst most businesses do not want an identity that seems to have come out of the nineties, balance is key and adopting themes and styles that last for the longer term is of vital importance. You do not want to revisit your brand identity every few years or so.

Branding needs to be consistent with the company

An integral aspect of the branding process is the creation of consistencies with the actual company. We encounter several instances where the logo has nothing to do with the business and this brings about a lack of association. If a business offers an exciting service related to leisure activities, this should reflect in the branding adopted.

Avoid similarities with other businesses

Branding should distinguish a business from the rest. When developing a brand identity, it is necessary to ensure that consumers do not confuse your business with another. In this regard, research is required to monitor the existing identities of competitors. It is also necessary to gather feedback from others, so that you would have different viewpoints and could identify any unwanted similarities.

Cater for different marketing channels

Before deciding on your brand identity, see how it features across different devices and platforms. Today there is a wide spectrum of different marketing channels that need to be considered including both traditional and online media.

Consider colours carefully

You might be tempted to experiment with different colours. Excessive use of colours can make your branding look less formal and make it appear cluttery. You will find that the most successful logos are those that adopt a simplistic style that can be easily remembered by consumers. Allowing breathing and white space is also a popular avenue for brands that want to communicate a modern look. When selecting colours, it is important to keep in mind what you want your consumers to feel when they look at your brand. Do you want them to feel excited or relaxed and composed? These considerations will influence the choice of colours.

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