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The Importance of Building Solid Digital Platforms

A successful business thrives on creating quality engagement. During these uncertain times, it has never been as vital to remain connected with consumers and invest in the lines of communication. Over the past years, due to the emergence of technology and also recent events, consumers have become more accustomed to seeking products and services online. This consistent and longstanding trend underscores the importance of building solid digital platforms that help businesses to convert. We shall be discussing the benefits of building solid digital platforms with Daniel Scicluna, MYC’s Sales and Marketing Partner.

An omnichannel approach

Solid digital platforms allow businesses to set the narrative surrounding their brands and distinguish themselves from competitors. When discussing digital platforms, rightly so, business owners would tend to think mainly about the website. Whilst this is a good approach to a certain extent, businesses must consider all platforms through which consumers can get in touch with them. In most cases, businesses do have control over their digital presence including the website and social media channels. In certain circumstances, businesses do not, and an example would include brand mentions by consumers and users on social media. To strategically position a business online, it is important to consider bolstering all channels that can be accessed digitally.

Irrespective of an organisation’s digital presence, consumers are online and this is substantiated by the fact that millions of searches take place on Google every minute. Digital presence allows businesses to expand their horizons and communicate with customers on both local and global scales. 

Digital platforms contributing to business credibility

Together with the additional exposure that solid digital platforms can provide, they also allow opportunities for brands to build credibility. Since consumers perform searches online, having a business featuring at the top or towards it is more likely to build credibility. If consumers cannot engage with well-crafted digital channels, they are more likely to question and suspect the quality and legitimacy of the business. A digital presence of quality therefore allows a business to communicate professionalism and single itself out from the clutter.

The website as the central channel

The necessary first step in creating a solid digital presence is to invest in the website. With the design options available out there and user experience being one of the most important components for navigation, doing it right can allow a business to transform a website into an incredible asset. Websites that are designed with an optimal user interface and driven to simplify the journey of visitors can register better conversion rates through the generation of both sales and leads. Together with best practices in terms of both user experience and functionality, a website needs to provide valuable content that is relevant for users. On a periodical basis, it is good to review the content of the website to ensure that it is accurate and up to date. One way to keep the website alive with fresh content being published on a regular basis is through a blog section. Articles in this space would help to draw users to the website and build authority as the business delves into different areas of specialisation.

Social media

Once the website is optimised to a certain level, a business should then focus on engaging users across different online channels, and here is where social media comes to the fore. This is another important step in maintaining relevance with the target audience. Through experience, trial and error, businesses will understand which social media channels work best depending on the industry and content that they share. When used with a proper strategy, social media can enable businesses to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. These channels also help businesses with monitoring their reputation online and the related mentions.

Solid digital platforms can enable businesses to connect with audiences effectively, promoting business growth. 

If you are seeking to establish solid digital platforms for your business, speak to Daniel and the team by sending an email on [email protected]_administrator

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