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The Importance of Brainstorming

Successful campaigns and marketing strategies are often built on productive brainstorming sessions, roping in feedback from several team members. Simply put, brainstorming is the activity where ideas are generated through group discussion. Not all brainstorming activities lead to the desired productivity, so it is necessary that these take place in the right contexts. We will be discussing the importance of brainstorming with Daniel Scicluna, Sales and Marketing Partner at MYC.

Fast idea generation

Brainstorming allows companies and management to gather ideas, solutions and opinions in an easy and quick manner. An hour or two dedicated for group discussions can be productive, sparing many from countless emails and threads. It can also facilitate communication, where ideas are expressed better verbally rather than through email or chat correspondences.


Brainstorming sessions allow team members to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday office life, to focus on a single item and think creatively. One of the issues surrounding the lack of innovative thinking is related to the fact that people do not have the time to be creative. A time allocated just for this can bring about a variety of ideas that may be leveraged to the benefit of the brand.

Critical thinking

On a regular, day-to-day basis, employees rarely question existing practices, strategies and initiatives. Setting up the right environment where team members can collectively think to come up with better ideas to improve existing processes and initiatives may potentially allow the business to benefit. In the context of campaign results, brainstorming may allow the different team members to analyse and come up with their own conclusions based on the data provided. This approach can allow businesses to uncover insights and hypotheses. In a nutshell, it can enable businesses to come up with less conventional solutions to address existing problems.

Provides structure and clarity

Although brainstorming is typically associated with numerous ideas coming in from everywhere, it can help with structure and clarity. Think about complex campaigns that require the implementation of marketing collateral across various channels. Brainstorming helps teams to dissect large projects into smaller pieces, making them less overwhelming and complex. It enables teams to focus on solutions rather than the existing problems themselves. There are different reasons why brainstorming can be the ideal course of action. These can include contexts when management cannot find suitable solutions to address an issue, when there are different ways to tackle a problem, instances where project priorities are not properly defined and there is a lack of clarity of what should be done first.

Team building

Apart from giving businesses the opportunities to come up with effective solutions for different problems, brainstorming also promotes better team synergy. It brings employees together to develop proposals of value. The aspect of collaboration reinforces existing bonds between team members and serves to remind everyone that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Effective brainstorming needs to be planned for. To make the exercise more productive, you may opt to go for an off-site location, making employees feel detached from the actual environment that might be hindering their thought process.

Brainstorming creates an environment where all involved feel that they have in some way, or another contributed to a positive outcome. Such a workplace that thrives on engagement encourages employees to take ownership and be accountable for the results registered.

At MYC, we deem brainstorming to be an integral part of the process, allowing us as an agency to come up with several solutions both that benefit us and also our clients. Do you want to discover more about the benefits of brainstorming? Get in touch with Daniel and the team by sending an email on [email protected]

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