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The Impacts of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown into an increasingly popular trend amongst several businesses seeking to promote their products. To explain it simplistically, influencer marketing is similar to a celebrity endorsement, utilised in the context of a promotional effort or campaign.

What are influencers

What are influencers?

Influencers are individuals who have their own personal brands and are followed by a particular audience. In the past, these would have been your usual celebrities, however with the progression of social media and user generated content, even regular people can build impressive audiences.

Adopting influencer promotion as part of your marketing strategy means researching and identifying the right individuals that can create engagement surrounding your brand, products and services. Effective influencer marketing still needs to be measured and business objectives may include increased leads, sales, event attendees or subscribers. 

Successful influencers invest time to build an attractive audience which is both large and relevant for businesses. For companies this could be an easy way to target large amounts of followers, especially when their own audience base is not as significant.

Trust and credibility

Trust and credibility

Influencers rely heavily on trust and credibility, which are the foundations of how they convince others. A risk that a brand runs is that a particular influencer might engage in a controversial act which lands him or her into trouble, negatively impacting the perception surrounding the company. 

One common misconception is that the larger the number of followers, the better the influencer. Followers do not necessarily imply fans. People may be following a particular influencer, following his or her every move. This does not mean that they like or respect the person. 

Businesses should be looking at the type of followers that engage most with the influencer and from that information determine whether it is worth promoting the brand in that space. It is also worth looking into the success of other brands that have engaged that particular influencer being considered.

The popularity dilemma

The popularity dilemma

When it comes to influencer marketing, popularity does not imply influence. Awareness does not translate to respect. Although selecting popular influencers may increase brand awareness, choosing those that are respected and have the capacity to convince is more likely to lead to conversions for your brand.

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