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The future of Marketing in Malta

Over the past years, marketing has been given higher priority by several businesses in the context of Malta. Whereas in the past, businesses would perform satisfactorily and up to expectations without much marketing presence, the scenario has changed rapidly. Businesses today are more familiar with the necessity and importance that marketing holds. In an era of fierce competition, businesses have no choice but to maintain a solid online presence to distinguish themselves from the competition. In this Blog article, we shall discuss the elements that have spearheaded the growth of marketing in the local context and how this impacts the future of the sector.

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The growth of digital

Digital marketing has reshaped the sector. It has allowed several businesses, including small to medium enterprises to enter the market even with a conservative budget. As time progresses, we expect to see that those who have a solid understanding of digital marketing will continue to maintain respectable brand awareness with their target markets. The options for effective digital marketing strategies are endless including display and keyword ads, social media advertising through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. These digital marketing channels allow businesses to invest with a budget that they are comfortable with, contrary to the more traditional media.

The competition 2

The competition

In a market which can easily accommodate four businesses, rest assured that you will find five, six and seven! The fierce competition of this day and age has left businesses with no option but to up their marketing game. This has led to several creative campaigns where businesses seek to promote their brand and engage target audiences.

The pandemic 1

The pandemic

Although the pandemic has brought to the fore several economic hardships, it has underscored the importance of a business’ digital presence. As consumers were restricted indoors, to survive businesses had to come up with innovative ideas to keep in touch. Several businesses understood that they had to invest in their marketing to remain relevant. In this regard, businesses such as restaurants shifted towards online promotions through websites and apps to remain competitive and sell takeaway or delivery. It is highly likely that businesses will continue to invest in their established channels even as the impacts of the pandemic subside.

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Fortunately enough for marketers, consumers spend a lot of their time on different media. This makes them easier to target via different types of promotional material. For one, people are hooked onto their phones whereby they encounter several messages by different businesses. The fact that consumers today spend more time on media, has enabled numerous marketing opportunities.

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