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Simon Attard

Simon 2

Simon Attard is the Founder and CEO of MYC. With over twenty years of experience in the marketing communications industry, Simon is well versed in creative campaigns and the digital landscape. Throughout his enriched career, he has extensive experience in the sales and marketing spheres.

Having serviced some of Malta’s most established businesses, Simon has developed a flexible approach when consulting his clients, structuring tailor made solutions aimed at promoting customer retention and organisational sustainability.

Simon has been leading MYC for a long stretch of time, consequently the agency is celebrating its ten year anniversary. Under the umbrella of MYC, Simon assists clients operating in various industries with their strategic and creative requirements. Under his leadership, the agency spearheads a number of digital projects with optimised web development and online marketing strategies at the core of its success. He is responsible in ensuring operational efficiency within the agency, the acquisition of new business and the successful execution of projects.

Throughout his ten years managing MYC, Simon gained several experiences which have contributed to his skillset. “Whilst leading the company, I have found that the qualities of innovation and resilience are paramount for business survival and success.” Under Simon’s leadership, the company was strongly positioned to make the transition from traditional to digital marketing, being one of the first locally to embrace and adopt the strategies of online media. Throughout this period of ten years, resilience was a key factor in allowing the company to grow and overcome challenges. More recently, the company has had to face the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic which further developed its resilience for the future.

According to Simon, one of the key elements for business success is the investment in a strong team and a solid company culture. This takes years to build and requires the proper recruitment of the right individuals and the necessary investments in their skillset. “The team is literally make or break for any business and is an essential core pillar.”

Simon is motivated by the prospect of new business undertakings and exciting projects which come about through different clients and contacts. His enthusiasm is positively infectious and motivates others to reach collective company objectives. Simon is also a forward-looking leader, constantly on the look-out for new business opportunities that will bring about tangible value.

Outside of work, Simon loves travelling, discovering new countries and cultures. When a short break only is available, he would enjoy a few days travelling within Sicily.

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