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Quality Assurance for Marketing

Marketing is often associated with creativity and fancy artworks. Although a lot of effort is invested in the creative and visual aspects, there is another important component which is related to the credibility and accuracy of the material, and that is quality assurance. Marketing Specialists invest significant amounts of time in quality assurance, to ensure that the collateral meets all necessary standards when published. In this article, we shall discuss some quality assurance measures to ensure marketing success.



Successful businesses ensure that they have in place documented procedures based on previous campaigns and projects. Such procedures would normally be built to avoid past mistakes or inaccuracies, ensuring more efficiency going forward. These are also essential to ensure that new employees would be familiar with existing procedures rather than having to go through the same mistakes made in the past.



In order to ascertain the written quality of the marketing material, extensive proofreading must take place. Irrespective of whether you are creating a brochure or small advert, you need to ensure that you avoid grammatical and spelling issues, as these would immediately dilute the credibility of your material and brand.

Four eye principle

Four eye principle

When it comes to marketing material, it makes sense to ensure that the collateral is reviewed by a second pair of eyes. This would allow for a different perspective where feedback may be given in relation to things that could have been overlooked. Gathering different views is an integral part of the process in creating quality material.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance

It is important to confirm that the material you are producing is compliant with the relevant laws in relation to your industry. Different industries have various laws regulating them, and marketing collateral needs to be in line with those requirements. If you are unsure, seek the advice of someone with a Legal or Compliance background to ensure proper alignment.


Fact check

In a business world that is constantly changing, product features are also subject to such. When releasing marketing material, it is important to ensure that the facts you are promoting are still applicable. One type of mistake that promotional material may contain is outdated information which is no longer applicable. Regular reviews of existing material including that on online sources must be checked regularly so that updates are made in a swift manner.

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