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Paul Farrugia


Paul Farrugia is the Studio Manager and Graphic Designer at MYC. Having worked with the company for over two years he is responsible for ensuring the effective delegation of tasks to the studio he manages and that projects are completed in a successful and timely manner. His role entails the effective communication and liaison between the management of MYC and the studio.

He has been involved in the visual communications and marketing sector for around seven years, holding extensive agency experience. Being a self-taught Graphic Designer, he has honed his skills over the years and today directs the creation and successful execution of creative, fresh and crisp artworks and visuals that exceed the expectations of clients.

During his time at MYC he has taken over several exciting projects, which are commonplace within this fast-growing environment. A recent project worth mentioning is the one successfully completed for Benna, a leading company in the milk and dairy products sector. The style of the project and the continued coordination between the different parties including the client and models is something that Paul has really enjoyed and enabled him to express his skills and creativity.

Another interesting project which Paul finds intriguing is the one for Camel Brand. It was quite unique in terms of marketing deliverables including the specific sizes and cut-outs that needed to be created. This project which is still ongoing motivates Paul and he is looking forward to the upcoming phases. Paul describes himself as a determined person, who is motivated by challenges, doing new things and learning.

When asked to describe the working environment at MYC, Paul does so with enthusiasm stating that it is a “super-fast paced team which makes everything possible”. He also went on to comment positively about the team dynamics, highlighting friendliness and a good sense of humour.

Although Paul enjoys the challenges that his role provides, he has several interests outside of work including football (being an avid Juventus supporter), gaming and cooking. In fact, if he did not work in marketing, he would have strongly considered a career in hospitality, owning a restaurant or take-out. It is a type of industry that allows for extensive creativity, something that Paul truly enjoys.

On a more personal level, Paul deems his wedding and home conversion projects as his most successful. 

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