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MYC’s Marketing Approach

Founder and Director of MYC Simon Attard, explained how the integrated marketing communications agency helps clients to market their business and unleash the full potential, through an interview with the Money Magazine.

MYC takes an innovative approach in solving its clients’ problems, producing effective creativity when it comes to the campaign’s approach, strategy and pitch. The agency has over the years invested in a complete studio, ready, willing and able to take on any marketing project, catering for all visual and content requirements. This is catered for, keeping in mind the client’s strategy and budget.

Prior to the launch of a campaign, the agency audits all the client’s digital channels, optimising these for the project, to maximise visibility. During the interview, Simon Attard underscored the importance of digital campaigns, saying that “No doubt, digital is where everyone is, where everyone works, lives and breathes.” He stated that MYC has been involved in an incredible amount of digital campaigns and has developed numerous websites. It is also emphasised that social media is the place to be for businesses.

To come up with innovative concepts and ideas, MYC places brainstorming as one of the utmost priorities. The extensive brainstorming process is followed by the appropriate strategy and direction. 

During this interview, Simon Attard explained the importance that websites still hold in this day and age. Although social media has caught on like wildfire, these need to be seen in the context of virtual window displays. The website on the other hand, can be considered as a business’ virtual showroom. A clever business would definitely not discard its showroom for its window display!

With respect to the performance of the digital marketing campaigns executed by MYC, Simon Attard explains that the agency holds a ninety percent client retention rate, a record that has remained consistent since 2012. The company also boasts a growth of thirty-five percent on a yearly basis, which was also the case during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is achieved through hard work, understanding clients’ needs and visions, and executing effective strategies.

To ensure success, apart from the campaign, MYC discusses the product development sales plan, marketing plan and budget, together with the necessary timeframes. The foundations of the agency’s success revolve around diligent planning, which is followed by execution and delivery.

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