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MYC’s Branding for 2021 Takes Form

MYC is an integrated marketing communications agency with the purpose of providing its clients with effective and tailor-made solutions aimed at driving their return on investment, brand awareness and market presence.

As the world heralds in a new beginning for 2021, MYC’s branding campaign has taken an exciting shape, revolving around a Swiss tool concept to represent it as a handy utility for businesses. It serves to provide businesses with on the spot assistance, whilst navigating through its marketing challenges.

In this Blog article, we shall discuss how MYC can provide added value to various organisations, so that you as a business owner or leader would not allow your marketing to go under the knife!


Your marketing campaign without a strategy will simply not cut it. Irrespective of the service or product that you offer, you need to establish your objectives, target audience, sales tools and communication strategies.


Your business will, from time to time, need to come up with out of the box solutions to maintain visibility and keep sharp. MYC can assist you with effective creative concepts that will stand out and hit the desired mark.

Digital marketing

With MYC, there is no cutting corners when it comes to your digital presence. With its background in both local and international campaigns, your business would be well geared to slice through the competition. Several tools including Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram need to be leveraged for the advantage of your business and MYC can provide a comprehensive strategy on how your digital objectives can be achieved.

Web development

The team at MYC has extensive experience in creating cutting edge websites and platforms, to deliver a sharp first impression of your business. With significant attention to the latest user interface and experience principles, MYC’s web development team develops interactive websites geared for engagement.


Adding a personal touch to your campaign or website provides an extra dimension to the project. Audio-visual productions and photography can be used for all communication purposes. MYC regularly provides bespoke artwork, filming, drone footage and other animations to a number of clients.

Content Marketing and PR

MYC builds content for all your communication channels. This can include content creation for television adverts, radio, social media, Google ads, corporate brochures, fact sheets, and newsletters.


Through the partnerships at MYC’s disposal, clients may benefit from pristine printing at very competitive prices. Printing services may be offered for business cards, flyers, stationery and brochures amongst other collateral.

To learn more about how MYC can assist with your marketing this year, send an email to [email protected]

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