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MYC Announces 10 Year Anniversary

myc 10 years

MYC, an integrated marketing communications agency is pleased to announce its ten year anniversary, marking a significant milestone in the local market. MYC offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at catering for all marketing requirements that different businesses may require.

Its investment over the years in a highly talented workforce together with its experience across a broad range of industries enable the company to deliver tangible results through marketing communications strategies, driving business development and brand awareness.

MYC offers a 360 degree repertoire of services including the development of strategy, web design, graphic design, digital marketing, content writing, audiovisual, print and media bookings. The firm takes pride in delivering effective solutions, improving return on investment and brand equity, through consulting creative communications.

The company’s ten years in operation underscore a sustainable business model, a commitment to service that exceeds clients’ expectations and the capacity to adapt to evolving market realities.

Over the years, MYC has built an extensive portfolio of works and clients operating in various industries including tourism, hospitality, financial services, property, retail, recruitment, FMCG, home finishes and furnishings, amongst several others. 

Having opened its doors in 2012, the company immediately adopted the ethos that it had to anticipate and adapt to new trends effectively, in a fast-paced and constantly changing industry. MYC was one of the first local marketing firms that successfully transitioned to offering digital services to its varied clientele. This was due to the fact that the company engaged the right talent and adopted an open-minded approach where new developments and the creation of knowledge were always embraced. 

In 2014, MYC successfully launched its web development department focusing on the creation of bespoke websites and platforms with best-in-class user interface and experience principles firmly rooted at the core of each project. The firm has assisted several businesses to transition their marketing presence online, with the development of websites, online media channels and effective digital marketing campaigns. Throughout the past two years, MYC was extensively involved in helping businesses solidify their digital backbones in view of the struggles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions.

“The past ten years have been an exciting journey for us as a business. We are pleased to be in an established position where we can help several businesses in different industries with all their marketing requirements. Going forward, the firm will continue to evolve and consistent with our philosophy since the company’s inception, we will work to place priority on creating effective and tailor-made solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients” said Simon Attard, Founder and CEO of MYC.

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