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Make Your Business Feel Local

Many organisations opt to set up their head office within a country that they might not necessarily do business in. Although such companies may decide that targeting their respective local market might not make sense, there are others which would explore tapping into such opportunities. Businesses that turn to their local roots can find that the strategy may be a beneficial branding exercise. We discuss with Daniel Scicluna, Sales and Marketing Partner at MYC, strategies on how to make a business feel local.

Developing a local touch can make the offering of the business feel more unique. One of the reasons for this is because consumers naturally develop more sympathy towards businesses and products that are local. So what can businesses do to establish a better base in their home country or town?

Create local content

The content created and distributed as part of marketing campaigns is a main driver for the sort of brand a business wants to develop. Content containing key elements that portray the identity of the local country or town can create positive associations within that community. This can be communicated through videos and visuals, making the business more intertwined with that local community.

Implement digital marketing for local advertising

Digital marketing allows businesses to immediately and cost effectively target a specific country or region. Utilising a range of display and keyword advertising strategies, can help a business target and develop better brand awareness within a particular community. This underscores the importance of presence through digital marketing within the respective local country or town.

Perform research about the local community

To successfully tap into the local market, prior research is required. To truly associate the brand with the local community, it takes more than just a few visuals and social media posts. To carefully harmonise the business or brand, knowledge about local insights, traditions and beliefs will come in handy for marketing collateral.

Engage local influencers

One effective way of making your business feel more local is by developing partnerships with influencers within that community. Being a business endorsed by local influencers is likely to create more closeness with the community. Influencers that are particularly popular can provide an authentic message about the business that their audience would relate and engage to.

Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As part of the marketing plan to make the business feel more local, it is important to consider and invest in CSR. When implemented with a proper strategy, resonance with the community can be established, especially when the business shows that it stands for certain values. When consumers feel that the brand showcases certain values that are consistent with what they believe in, positive associations are created and the chances for better commercial results increase.

Enhance local community presence

To better integrate within the community, businesses need to constantly find ways to maintain presence. One example is being present in events that matter to the community. In the Malta context, this could mean supporting local feasts for example. Another example would be sponsoring the creative and artistic sphere within that community, contributing to the cultural element. Such initiatives create positive brand associations within the community, as those participating will understand that the event took place with the help of that particular business.

Maintain good relationships with local suppliers

Integrating well within that community means respecting and maintaining good relationships with local suppliers. If you expect consumers to purchase from your business because of its local appeal, relationships must be nurtured with those forming part of that ecosystem. 

Tapping into the community and making a business feel more local requires a carefully developed strategy. If you are interested in learning about how to make a business feel more local, get in touch with Daniel and the team by sending an email on [email protected]

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