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Launching a Link Building Strategy for SEO

Those businesses that have never engaged in a link building exercise might find the task daunting and complex. Consistently, research has proven that solid link building strategies contribute positively to SEO, and hence increase the chances of better website visibility in search results. For those more acquainted with link building as a strategy, they are aware that it consists of a delicate balance between brand visibility, subtlety and steering away from search engine penalties.

Defining link building

For those who are less familiar with the exercise, link building is the process whereby links are placed with external publishers and platforms, which point back to your website’s different pages. Depending on the strategy and objectives, businesses would identify the right publishers and page links to feature, which could range from the actual homepage to specific product descriptions.

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The benefits

The clearest benefit when it comes to a solid link building strategy is that the business would create additional avenues from where users can view their websites. On a more technical level, having your website link published on reliable sources will enhance your domain authority and have you rank better on search engines. For new businesses, a link building strategy should definitely be considered especially as the level of website authority would be lower. The positive side to this is that a link building strategy can be launched with a limited budget.

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The outcomes

Naturally, businesses that are new to this will investigate the possible outcomes prior to adopting the strategy. Done right, it has the potential to generate traffic to your website. Having your website link feature with the right content, the right platform and the right time could potentially send thousands of visitors to your website. Typically, a link would be published permanently so the benefit of the continued traffic can be enjoyed for the long-term. Adopting link building as a strategy together with content optimisation, high level coding and technical improvements in terms of UI and UX can help your website rank higher in SERPs, generating more organic traffic.

The repercussions

Together with its benefits, there are potential risks. If the business is identified as using dodgy tactics to build links such as spamming, the website may be penalised or blacklisted due to black hat techniques. This becomes a risk when website owners perform changes aimed at manipulating search rankings and providing no value to the user. There are plenty of ways how to generate backlinks genuinely and if your aim is to improve user experience, you should be in safe hands.

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The must haves

Embarking on a solid link building strategy means that you need to have a website that is functional, safe, optimised for mobile responsiveness and suitable for user navigation. You should also have good content which users will find interesting.

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