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Increasing Visits to your Website

Several businesses encounter challenges to come up with ways to increase traffic to their websites. There is a lot out there proclaiming to magically increase website visits, however the effectiveness of these strategies is questionable. This can lead to frustration as positive results would not be registered. In this blog article, we shall be discussing some tried and tested ways to increase quality traffic to your website.

Create memorable and relevant content

Create memorable and relevant content

To thrive, your website needs high quality and relevant content, which makes an impact. In a landscape where your competitors are constantly creating content, you need to wear your creative hat to slither through the clutter. One way to enable the constant creation of content that is relevant to your audience is through a blog page on your website.

Digital advertising 1

Digital advertising

One way to increase website visits in a fast manner with significant volumes is through digital advertising. This can be done through pay per click advertising and display campaigns through the Google search engine for example. To attract the right visitors, it is important to select the most adequate keywords and advertise on relevant platforms.

Digital advertising 2

Promote your website on social media

One way to drive visitors to your website is by promoting it on your existing social media channels. Having the actual website or different pages of it promoted on social media will gather traction. There are different ways you can do this including promoting your blog, news section and service pages on Facebook and LinkedIn for example.

Promote your website on social media

Partnerships with other platforms

You may find that building partnerships with other reputable platforms can be beneficial to increase quality traffic to your website. One successful way of doing this is by sourcing partners that may offer complementary services to your offering, providing additional value to potential clients. There is also the opportunity to exchange backlinks for improved SEO and website visibility.

Partnerships with other platforms

Email newsletters

One way to keep in touch with customers, contacts and leads is through regular email newsletters. It is important to keep these interesting and relevant as failing to do so will work counterproductively, leading to larger numbers of unsubscribers. When interesting developments are taking place within your organisation, it makes sense to use such newsletters to provide brief snippets and linking with your website for further information. Those whom you capture their interest will click on the link to find out more.

When it comes to increasing the traffic of your website, businesses should avoid common pitfalls including buying visits. Although the volumes may increase substantially, the quality of the traffic will not be worth it. Website visits are important, but even more so of a priority is the quality. To learn more how to increase quality traffic to your website, speak to us by sending an email on [email protected] 

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