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Employer Branding

Marketing can serve as your right hand when it comes to recruitment. In recent times, we have grown accustomed to struggling to find the right talent. Companies would compete extensively to attract the best talent and it is quite the norm that businesses invest several efforts to find the right candidates. In this Blog article, we shall discuss some tips to spearhead your employer branding activities so that you can keep your business top of mind when potential candidates are looking for new opportunities.

Portray your company’s benefits

Most companies offer a number of benefits to their employees. Such may include regular team building events, activities such as morning breakfasts or beer Fridays! Take the opportunity to promote such activities through your social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This will show prospective candidates that the workplace culture fosters a sense of community. The company may also offer a set of both financial and non-financial benefits. It would be ideal to promote such unique propositions to the different candidates that may be potentially interested in a role.

Experiment with different content

In order to attract diverse candidate profiles, you should experiment with different media and strategies. One strategy example could be to create a series of short videos highlighting the different benefits of working with the organisation. Another example may include the publishing of employee testimonials on your website and social media channels. The purpose of such testimonials would be to promote the positives of working for the business. Such testimonials may also delve into the career progression experience of the selected employees. This would help to enforce the message that there are several opportunities for growth within the company.

Promote training and development

Another idea worth considering is promoting the fact that the company invests in its staff through several training and development initiatives. This can include messages revolving around the experience of employees, adopting a case study format whereby the benefits of training and development are emphasised.

A continued investment with long-term value

Employer branding is not a short-term initiative or project. When the business is consistently kept at the forefront of employee-friendly initiatives and this is communicated through the appropriate channels, a company will gather a larger number of applications for its open positions. This can spare several expenses related to recruiter costs as the company would already benefit from a certain standing within the market.

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