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Dillion Debono


Dillion Debono is a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Videographer at MYC. Within his remit he is responsible for the creation of visual content, leading to compelling footage aimed at capturing audience attention.

He has a background as a freelance Graphic Designer and as a studio camera person in the television industry. During this period he was also engaged with activities related to videography, photography and served as a volunteer Radio Host.

The role that Dillion holds within MYC gives him the opportunity to help companies and individuals tell their stories. One of the main experiences that he highlights whilst working with MYC is the fact that he had the opportunity to help a private client to showcase a heart-breaking story to various people. Having been touched by the story, Dillion gave it his all to communicate it in the best possible way.

Dillion feels quite positive about the working life at MYC. The agency thrives on successful projects that exceed client expectations. “Honestly, I love it! It is an exciting working environment packed with versatility where you are constantly exploring.” Such a workplace enables employees to feel that they are true contributors, allowing them to make their mark on different projects. At MYC, Dillion feels that he has developed both personally and professionally, highlighting that he is in a much better place in life than he ever was.

In terms of specialisation, Dillion feels most comfortable working with the camera. At MYC he was given the opportunity to develop his specialisations, including graphic design. He forms part of a team that develops innovative, fresh and crisp artworks for clients operating in several industries. In terms of personal attributes, Dillion is a quick learner, creative thinker and an outside of the box thinking team player. He is motivated by developing his creative capabilities and constantly pushing these to the next level.

Outside of work, Dillion has a number of hobbies that he looks forward to. These include gaming, illustrations, movies, dancing and music. If Dillion was not working in visual communications, he would be interested in exploring a career in animation voice-overs.

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