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Daniel Scicluna


Daniel Scicluna is a Sales and Marketing Partner at MYC, and is currently in his fifth year with the company. His role encompasses a number of essential activities pertaining to acquiring new clients and managing relationships.

When a company becomes a client of MYC, Daniel takes a proactive role in helping out with the marketing strategy to ensure businesses gain more awareness and generate increased sales. He oversees the successful delivery and execution of the different marketing campaigns and ascertains that clients’ needs are met and expectations exceeded.

Daniel has been involved in the marketing industry for a number of years. Having always held an entrepreneurial flair, back in 2009 he had his own company which offered a multitude of services including design, print, web and magazine publishing. Holding such a background enabled him to blend seamlessly within the agency and immediately contribute to its growth and sustainability.

Throughout his time at MYC, Daniel highlights that his career has been enriched with several experiences. He has worked on interesting projects for an exciting portfolio of different clients over the years. “The experiences gained are too many to single out a few”.

Daniel is motivated “by being in demand, achieving objectives, meeting deadlines and constant learning”.

Apart from the exciting experiences with MYC, there were the difficult ones. One in particular revolved around the repercussions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought about several struggles for businesses. Things were difficult and worrying for a significant stretch of time however the company managed to weather the storm, underscoring the strength of the team. Even in the darkest of times, the team at MYC managed to get through and excel, an important trait of resilience as highlighted by Daniel.

When asked to describe the working environment at MYC, Daniel had positive comments to make. He highlighted the workplace as fast-paced with matters of interest constantly cropping up. This makes up for an exciting place of work which allows for learning and development.

Apart from his expertise in marketing, sales and business development, Daniel has several interests outside of work. He enjoys “cultural activities, preparing raw seafood, travelling, reading, geography, jazz, history and so much more”. He only wishes that he had more time to enjoy his wide range of exquisite interests and hobbies.

If Daniel was not involved in the marketing sphere, he would have definitely ventured into culinary specialisation, in particular the serving of raw fish. In terms of the best location to do this, he would go for a secluded and idyllic beach.

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