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A Proper Website Audit

A company’s website is one of the most crucial elements in terms of online presence. It serves as one of the pillars in building a first impression about your business, and must be kept at top notch. In this Blog article, we shall discuss the importance of scheduling periodical audits for your website.

So what should you keep in mind for your audit?

User interface

A well-designed website is likely to gather better engagement. This is why it is essential to keep track of the visuals and overall imagery being used for the website. You may find that a video instead of banners on the homepage on your website might work better in terms of engagement and may actually portray what you offer in a more convincing manner. It is also important that images or videos are uploaded on the website in the appropriate size so as not to increase loading times and potentially have users exiting the website.

user interface


Periodical reviews of the content on the website are also necessary. Do the website pages still accurately reflect what the business is offering or its current standing? Certain information might be outdated and hence would need to be updated or replaced. Going through your Google Analytics will allow you to understand which pages get the most views, together with other data which sheds light on engagement. This will arm you with the necessary information to determine what type of content and articles your audience engages with the most.


Website heatmap software

To effectively monitor how users engage with your website, you may consider implementing a visitor heatmap software. This will allow you to track how users interact with the different elements of your website. You may notice for example that it is taking more than a few seconds for website visitors to locate the call to action.

User experience

From time to time, it is important to examine the overall user experience of the website. Such would include a thorough review of whether it is practical to access the descriptions of the services offered by the company or the respective key contacts. You would also do well to review the user experience as one navigates through the website using different devices such as a desktop, tablet and mobile phone. In today’s digital focused world, it is of paramount importance that a website is responsive to all devices.

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It is also important to monitor which websites are linking back to your own. It is essential that you link with websites of a certain authority to improve your SEO rankings and avoid those which may be detrimental to your business.Is it time to audit your website? Get in touch with MYC by sending an email on [email protected]

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