Aquamar4ine Logo web

Branding: Icon creation

Aquamarine approached MYC in 2019 with an exciting number of requirements.

We immediately started off with the creation of an icon which will be used on uniforms, hats and other merchandise for Aquamarine. The brief was clear and the logo was approved in a time effective manner. Following this, the merchandise process took off right away.

Aquamarine web

Web Development

Part of the project was the creation, design and printing of flyers to help the staff at Aquamarine sell their services. The information gathered, gave us all the material needed to create a mobile friendly website for Aquamarine. The website, apart from having all the information and prices, contains a call to action which leads to bookings for rides.

Digital Marketing

As part of Aquamarine’s 2019 summer campaign, MYC utilised an integrated digital marketing approach, consisting of Google Display and Search, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook advertising. The campaign was highly successful, reaching millions of views over a two-month period.

Aquamarine digital
Aquamarine print


MYC provided Aquamarine with all the design for display flags, signage on the facade and direction boards. MYC also designed the uniforms with logos for Aquamarine.

Aquamarine Flyer


A video was created and advertised on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. This deliverable managed to capture the fun and adrenaline inducing activities that Aquamarine can offer.

Aquamarine vid

One of the most challenging aspects of working with Aquamarine was to work with all the content available. Due to their number of services and offers we had to find a way to categorise all and display them clearly, on the flyers which were designed. Photo-shoots were coordinated. We also designed a new logo to go on clothing, an online campaign which made use of the material supplied and large printing which included new signs, flags and other display items for their office.