To be through our business relationship, an extension of your business.

The primary objective of MYC is to serve as an extension of your business through mutually beneficial and professional collaboration. Our focus revolves around giving your business a professional image, providing a personal, yet corporate touch, through a genuine and trustworthy approach.

Our successful formula is the strong team performance consisting of experienced, dynamic and creative personnel, who always come together to offer a bespoke service to our esteemed clientele. We are also guided by a results driven philosophy where execution is paramount. The success of a business depends on the image it portrays and maintains. We appreciate and understand the importance of business distinctiveness and we tailor-make timely communication solutions and provide our services to organisations in various industries, irrespective of size.

We plan. We execute. We deliver.



MYC opened its doors in July 2012. It all started with a vision of providing best in-class communications services.

MYC was one of the first marketing firms in Malta to offer digital marketing services to its clients.

Determination, commitment and the will to provide a genuine and quality service are the basis of the results we are achieving today. The vision of a business must be embraced by the team. MYC takes responsible measures to promote sustainability, creating steady jobs and strives to provide its employees with the most genuine working conditions possible, at the same time, maintaining an established framework to provide favourable rates to its clients. 

MYC kick-started its operations by launching online services, such as web platforms, to enable its clients to adapt to the needs of modern-day consumers.

Time has proven that this was indeed the way forward as most businesses today need an online presence to survive. As the company grew, MYC invested further to provide professional design and printing services. To provide an efficient and cost-effective printing service to all our clients, a relationship with a foreign printing press was established. Today, clients benefit from fast and high-quality printing services.

In 2014, MYC launched its web development department, providing mobile-friendly and easy-to-use platforms, with a focus on user interface and user experience best practices. 


MYC is a fully-fletched in-house marketing communications service provider, capable of delivering strategic and creative solutions, web development, online marketing, printing, professional photography and audio-visual productions.

MYC places significant emphasis on planning, forecasting and executing. The management holds regular meetings both with its employees and clients, where projects, finances, and other matters are discussed. Cohesive planning and monitoring takes place regularly because that is what the business requires.