To be through our business relationship, an extension of your business.

To give the professional image of your company a personal yet corporate touch, through a genuine and trustworthy approach.

Our successful formula is the overall performance of experienced, dynamic and creative personnel, who always come together as a team to offer the best of service.
We consider ourselves to be an extension of your business. We are professional in what we do and we guarantee results.
The success of a business depends on the image it portrays.
We are loyal to business individuality and we tailor-make timely communication solutions and provide our services to any type of business, regardless the size, status or location.

We plan. We execute. We deliver. Our Vision


MYC opened its doors for business in July 2012. All started with a vision of providing a service and assist clients in online communications.

Determination and the will to provide a genuine service was the basis of the results we are achieving today. The vision of a business must be shared with the team, and the same team has to embark on a journey together. Business does not simply mean ‘profit and loss’. MYC takes responsible measures in creating steady jobs and strives to provide its members with the most genuine working conditions possible, yet being able to provide favourable rates
to its clients.

MYC took off by launching online services, such as web portals to give the opportunity for its clients to communicate with their customers.

MYC was one of the few businesses in Malta to offer digital marketing services to its clients: an extremely important communications medium as we can confirm nowadays.

Later on, MYC invested in equipment and personnel to provide professional design and print services.
A relationship with a foreign printing press was formed to help us provide
cost-effective solutions.

In 2014 MYC launched its web development department, providing mobile-friendly and easy to use platforms.

MYC is a fully-fledged
in-house service provider, capable of delivering marketing and communications, strategic and creative solutions, web development, online marketing, printing, professional photography and audiovisual productions.

MYC moves forward by planning, forecasting and executing. The management holds regular meetings where projects, finances, and other topics are brought up. We plan each year. We know what business requires, we create action and financial plans in order to achieve the best results for ourselves and, more importantly, our clients.